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SCHOLA is an Online Learning Platform, provides user-friendly Dashboards, Learning Management & Automation Platform, Distant Learning, Online Classes, Lesson Planning, Student Attendance, Examination and Reports.
Create Various modules available in EMIS facilitate almost all the requirements of your institution, from admission of new students to generating report cards when students complete their session.

Our Mission

At SCHOLA, our mission is to redefine education by seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with pedagogical excellence. We provide a transformative online learning experience through user-friendly dashboards and an advanced Learning Management & Automation Platform.

Our platform covers diverse needs, from distant learning and online classes to lesson planning, attendance tracking, exams, and comprehensive reports through the Educational Management Information System (EMIS).
We are committed to empowering educators and learners, breaking traditional boundaries to shape a dynamic educational environment. SCHOLA is dedicated to unlocking every learner's potential, where innovation meets accessibility.

Our Success

Elevating Education, Empowering Success: SCHOLA's Transformative Journey in Redefining Learning Experiences.

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  • School Management Software
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